The Invitation

Reinvention is the new storyline. We believe narrative is a key to re-storying possibilities. That's why we're gathering a new tribe of storytellers: change-makers, marketers and creatives. Join along with 6 co-creators, 21 partners, 37 speakers, 70 producers, and 514 participants. There is still room for you here.

Why Join Us Online for the 2010 Reinvention Summit:

Learn from 37 visionary voices on the role of storytelling as a driver of reinvention: for your career, business, and change-making efforts. There is nowhere else in the world you can find this leading edge content.

You participate on your own terms – in your pajamas if you want. All sessions are recorded and archived, so you can listen on your own time. You get to choose your own adventure, because we know how busy you are.

For the price of an hour of coaching, you get access to 25+ experts, loads of bonus materials, social networking, and support for reinventing your story.

Many on a path of reinvention feel isolated and alone. Especially if you’re challenging the status quo with what you’re doing. There are others just like you, who see an emergent future. We’ll help you connect with like minds.

We know it’s hard to lead and navigate through such evolving times. That’s why we’ve assembled speakers who can provide you with frameworks, templates, and language to guide your reinvention efforts.

By registering for the Summit, you are invited to share your own reinvention story and/or resource materials. Lots will be shared back to Summit participants as well as with the broader world.

What's the Backstory? Watch the Video:

Intro to Reinvention Summit: Virtual Storytelling Conference, Nov 11-22, 2010 from Michael Margolis on Vimeo.